Trapp Votives

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Sample some of Trapp-Private Garden's most popular fragrances. To create a memorable fragrance, Trapp understands that Trapp Candles must be true to nature and fill a room completely with fragrance. To uphold these values, Trapp Candles searches the far corners of the world for the best possible sources of fragrances: vanilla from Tahiti; lavender from Provence; lemongrass from Asia…  

                           Made in USA

Exotic Spice Woodsy, pinion notes combined with oriental spices and clove.


Orange/ Vanilla This fragrance is the perfect combination of crisp orange notes elevated by the exquisite addition of Tahitian vanilla.


Rosemary/ Jasmine Picture yourself in a garden surrounded by heady florals accentuated by wafting notes of jasmine and a hint of rosemary.


Fresh Cut Tuberose A tropical white flower with an intense, heady floral fragrance reminds you of a gardenia only more powerful and memorable.


Mediterranean Fig Sophisticated and fruity at the same time, reminiscent of a fresh fig ripened in the warm Tuscan sun.


Water  The ozonic, watery notes are unlike anything you have ever experienced. This sophisticated, clean fragrance will astound you with its fresh and energizing spirit.


Wild Currant The perfect currant. It captures the fresh, fruity taste with an unforgettable blend of red and black currant.


Pink Grapefruit So good you will think it's a real grapefruit freshly sliced with a sprinkle of sugar.


Bamboo Sugar Cane Notes captured from the heart of the sugar cane with a burst of citrus, enhanced with a touch of green bamboo.


Macintosh So accurate you will think you're in an orchard sorrounded by baskets of apples. Savor the scent and flavor of a fully ripened Macintosh apple.


Sexy Cinnamon Sultry, smooth and sophisticated- cinnamon like you have never experienced before. It's not your Grandma's cinnamon


Burmese Wood An incredible balance of teak and balsam woods, with a rich base note of tonka.


Jasmine Gardenia Classic, sophisticated and stylish. An exquisite combination of the timelessness of jasmine and the heart notes of gardenia with a hint of honeysuckle top notes.

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