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About Trapp Private Gardens

With Trapp, it's all about the fragrance. Trapp is set apart by its unmatched fragrance quantity and its mission to use only the highest quality fragrances. carries a limited supply of Trapp's candles, room sprays and reed diffusers which designed to excite one's senses and suit every occasion. While Trapp Candles are indeed very good they are not as clean burning as Porterspa's Signiture Soy Candles.

No. 04 Orange Vanilla Large Poured 7oz Candle

This is it! The perfect combination of crisp orange notes elevated by the exquisite addition of Tahitian vanilla.

No. 08 Fresh Cut Tuberose Large Poured 7oz Candle

A tropical white flower with an intense, heady floral fragrance – suggestive of a gardenia only more powerful and memorable.

No. 09 Ocean Marine Large Poured 7oz Candle

Refreshing and vibrant, with sophisticated aquatic notes and a hint of red currant.

No. 10 Lemongrass Verbena Large Poured 7oz Candle

Crisp citrus notes extracted from Asian lemongrass complemented by Brazilian verbena and softened with base notes of vanilla.

No. 13 Bobs Flower Shoppe Large Poured 7oz Candle

Imagine walking into an open air flower market – you are enveloped by the fragrance of all the flowers, freshly cut green stems, and water droplets on each petal.

No. 20 Water Large Poured 7oz Candle

The ozonic, watery notes provide a real WOW. Sophisticated and clean, with a fresh and energizing spirit.

No. 60 Jasmine Gardenia Large Poured 7oz Candle

Classic, sophisticated and stylish. An exquisite combination of the timelessness of jasmine and the heart notes of gardenia with a hint of honeysuckle top notes.

No. 61 Quince & Pomegranate Large Poured 7oz Candle

Sun-ripened quince & fresh pomegranate with top notes of Asiatic Lily.

White Fir

While Porterspa's Frasier Fir  and Colorado Wilderness candles are by far the best of any PINE smelling holiday candle, Trapp Candles has by far the Third best. It's scent of winter air crisp in the night sky as you walk down aisles of trees, smelling the fresh fir. That's the type of scent you breathe in when you burn White Fir by Trapp.

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