Porterspa Signature Collection 7.5oz


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 For Those wanting the Special of 6 with the huge Savings Please Call or contact us with us on your selection so we know which six you would like;

If you Think Yankee Candles or Trapp Candles are the best, you’re in for a real treat. PorterSpa Signature Soy Candles are by far the best in the industry. Our Customers have told us that: “They are too well made”, “They are awesome”, “They are addicting” and that “They last so long, they are amazing”. Once you try a PorterSpa Signature Line Candle you will never go back to a Trapp or Yankee Candle. PorterSpa Signature line Candles exotic fragrances capture there exquisite beauty filling your house with their aromatic fragrances in a matter of minutes. And don't forget those struggling American farmers - you are supporting when buying a soy candle.



So If you haven't tried Porter's pure soy wax Candles, you are in for a treat. They are all natural, made from Biodegradable Soy Wax and contain only the finest Fragrances. Each candle is infused with natural essential oils. We use only Recyclable Glass Containers and our wicks are natural cotton and totally lead free. The candles are soot free as well. They also have a 60 Hour Burn time. Best Soy Candles!!


It has been found that paraffin candles emit toxins that are unhealthy to breathe. What nice alternative soy is.


Made In USA     

                                                           FOR THE HOLIDAY's PorterSpa Presents.



Orange Vanilla: This fragrance is the perfect combination of crisp orange enhanced by the exquisite addition of exotic vanilla from the South Pacific. A PorterSpa favorite!

Tuberose: A tropical white flower originally from Central America with an intense, delicious heady floral fragrance reminiscence to that of a gardenia only more powerful and memorable.

Lemongrass Vetiver Bergamot: Crisp citrus notes extracted from Asian lemongrass complemented by Indian Vetiver and softened with base notes of Bergamot.

Porter’s Flower Shoppe: An Intoxicating floral candle, as if you are walking into your neighborhood flower shop. Every vibrant flower blended together to form one amazing fragrance! So good we put our name on it!

Vanilla: For those vanilla lovers, this a true winner! You could swear you were in a pastry shop, It's so good.

Currant: This candle has harnessed the fresh fruity taste with an unforgettable blend of perfectly ripe currants.

Lavender: True lavender found only in Sothern France. A lavender so refined and accurate that it was previously only found in perfumes.

Grapefruit: So good you will think it's a real grapefruit freshly sliced with a sprinkle of sugar.

Bamboo Sugarcane: Notes captured from the heart of green bamboo with the enhanced by touch of sugar cane.

Cinnamon Sticks: Intense cinnamon scent like you have never experienced before. This not your Grandma's cinnamon!

Gardenia Jasmine: Classic, sophisticated and stylish. An exquisite combination of timeless gardenia with notes of jasmine. Superb!

Beach Days: These Ocean notes are unlike anything you have ever experienced. It is a sophisticated, clean fragrance that will astound you with its fresh and energizing scent.

Gardenia: Intoxicating and seductive. Fresh gardenia is the scent of old world glamour. Not trendy nor boring, but timelessly chic.

Lemongrass Verbena Crisp citrus notes extracted from Asian lemongrass complemented by Brazilian verbena and softened with base notes of vanilla.

Madagascar This Exotic Candle captures the scents of Madagascar ranging from it's fresh market smells that range fresh squeezed Oranges and Ginger to the lovely scents of Patchouli and Sandalwood native to the Magagascar. NEW to Porterspa

                                                                                     Holiday Scents

Frasier Fir Here Is your perfect Christmas Tree Candle!! Frazier Fir will give you the sensation that you are walking through a pine forest covered with pine needles and pine cones. A PorterSpa Favorite!!!!!

This Candle Smells like a walk through a pine forest. Smell the Delicious Pine Trees Fresh and clean yet strong.

Vanilla Nutmeg Clove It's so good you can almost taste the vanilla and freshly ground clove that warms your senses

Fireplace: Sexy & smoky, this fragrance is the perfect evening fragrance

PorterSpa Soy Candles are Exceptionally strong, All Natural soy candles, American Made, Best Candles Miami, Maximum Scented Pure Soy Candles,

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