Luxurious Cape Cod Bar Soap by PorterSpa Made in USA


PorterSpa is very pleased with these natural soaps. The result after extensive research was this unequaled Soap from New England. Handmade and inspired by fresh ingredients from local gardens, the surrounding pine forests, the cranberry bogs, and the sea coast just a few steps away. All our soap is carefully made from scratch in small batches from olive oil, Shea butter, and other high-quality plant oils, and botanical ingredients. The result is a face and body soap that's extreemly luxurious, long lasting, mild, and deliciously scented. They are a full 5oz making them eazy to handle and long lasting. We are proud to give these soaps the PorterSpa name. 

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    Made in USA


  Mediterranean Lavender Rosemary soap: Most "lavender" products today use a sweet chemical scent with little resemblance to the living herb. Experience the zing of the real thing! With bits of lavender blossom for gentle exfoliation

Green Tea Lemongrass soap: Create your own private Zen moment with this fresh citrusy scent. The juicy blend of lemongrass, mint, lavender and lime essential oils is enhanced with green tea extract. Wow!

Martha's Vineyard Hydrangea soap: With the crisp summer scent of the essential Cape Cod flower, hydrangea is our best-selling soap. Natural minerals color this bar a rich blue

Yankee Clipper Bay Rum soap: Favorite of sea captains and soccer dads, this classic gentlemen's soap is has a mellow blend of sweet bay essential oil, spice, and fine fragrance. Swirled with classic cinnamon.

Boston Night Blooming Jasmine soap: Jasmine is a component of most of the world's fine perfumes for a good reason. With jasmine blossoms, jasmine fragrance and ylang ylang essential oil, this soap is sensuous and fabulous.

Porter's Sweet Clementine soap: Brighten your morning with the clean citrus scent of clementines, the little tangerine-like fruits that everyone loves. This also makes great kitchen soap.

Cape Cod Sea Clay Soap: Purify and nourish your skin with mineral-rich sea clay and kelp. The tingly scents of spearmint, peppermint, and spruce essential oils will lift your spirits every morning.


Old Lyme Lilac Soap The classic,unforgetable scent of Lilacis captured here in PorterSpa Lilac Soap; Embodying the feelings of spring and it's clean refreshing feel. This is a gorgeous, true-to-life lilac..

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