PorterSpa Mason Jar all Soy Candles

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Our candles are hand-poured and made in the USA. We use 100% soy wax which provide a very strong and even burn and we only use cotton wicks in our candles.

Burn Time = 50-60 Hours
Approx 3.5" Tall and 3" Diameter


Bergamot - An exotically sharp orange scent blanketed by a lemony herbal fragrance.

Citronella - The renowned scent of a plant-based insect repellant.

Porter's Flower Shoppe - Elaborate and elegant aura that blossoms of tulip, lilac, hyacinth, jasmine, rose & carnation.

Fresh Linen - A fresh, clean scent with musky and floral undertones.

Gardenia - A sweet and spicy floral combination of gardenia, zesty orange flowers and tropical tuberose.

Harvest Spice - Spicy and complex combination of cinnamon bark, nutmeg seed, clove bud, pumpkin fruit, vanilla bean and ginger root.

Home Sweet Home - Spicy cinnamon and clove concoction with hints of rose and ylang ylang.

Jasmine - An extravagant, powerful & warm scent of a blossoming jasmine bouquet.

Lavender - A soothing and calming medley of lavender, sage, patchoulli & rosemary.

Lemongrass - Wonderful redolence of fresh cut lemongrass & green herbs.

Lilac - Fresh and clean fragrance of a blooming lilac bush.

Macintosh Apple - The sweet and refreshing scent of mouthwatering Macintosh apples.

Magnolia - Delightful floral scent of a blooming magnolia tree.

Mango Papaya - Tangy, sweet, juicy fusion of scrumptious mango & plump papaya.

Midsummer's Night - Seductive, warm & spicy scent suggestive of clean & uplifting walks in the moonlight.

Exotic Cacoa - The familiar and irreplaceable scent of cocoa that's addictive and scrumptious.

Mountain Breeze - A crisp aroma of the clean & fresh air on a mountain top with flowery undertones.

Orange Vanilla - Yummy & refreshing orange scent with faint hints of creamy vanilla filling.

Patchouli - An exotic, earthy and sensual scent.

Plumeria - A sweet floral merging of jasmine, mimosa and iris accompanied by traces of plum, lemon, lime and apple.

Rain - A floral assortment of lily, hyacinth & wisteria that's uplifting and clean.

Sandalwood - Rich yet delicate, woody yet floral, exotic yet familiar.

Southern Delight - A dainty intermingling of blooming magnolia flowers, white gardenia and honeysuckle blossoms.

Tuberose  A tropical white flower with an intense, heady floral fragrance – reminds you of a gardenia only more powerful and memorable.

Vanilla Lace - A hybrid of French & African vanillas with a sweet floral nuance.

Yuzu - A marvelous ruby red grapefruit jumble of mandarin, tangerine, lemon satsuma, bergamot and oakmoss.




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