Martin & Barnett Buckwheat Pillows

$56.00 $76.00

 We are very pleased here at PorterSpa to be able to offer you these lovely Buckwheat pillows by Martin and Barnett. Below i have posted a bit of history of how these pillows came to be.


Janette Martin launched Martin & Barnett in 1986, with a line of buckwheat pillows covered in vintage European velvets and old brocade drapes.Until then, buckwheat pillows were found only in “sensible” and “utilitarian” fabrics, so Martin & Barnett’s bold designs, vibrant colors and luxurious textures were a welcome infusion of style and beauty.Buckwheat pillows no longer had to be hidden away when not in use, but could be proudly displayed in every area of the home, meshing with any décor.Today, Martin & Barnett offers pillows in Indian silks, Chinese brocades, silk velvets, luxurious faux fur and more.The emphasis is on good looks, a good feel, and a well-developed sense of fun!


The line has expanded over the years, relying on Janette’s extensive knowledge of textiles and trends, and on input from our loyal customers.We now cross-merchandise into clothing boutiques, garden, travel, beauty stores, home furnishings and high-end spas.Martin & Barnett’s tightly coordinated collection of pillows and gift items offers something for everyone.

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