Durance Diffusers Made in France

$48.99 $69.95

 PorterSpa  offers these French Diffusers by Durance. They are available in Rose, Lavender, Verbena, Orange

This scented bouquet will perfume your interior through natural and non-stop diffusion and will add a decorative touch to your interior.


• Versatile perfumed solution: basis of alcohol, perfume and water. Presentation in an elegant bottle.

• Rattan sticks, 100% vegetal.

Use Instructions

• Open the bottle delicately and insert the 8 rattan sticks.

• For a better diffusion put the bouquet in a place where there is a lot of movement.

• The perfume is absorbed by capillarity up the ends of the sticks.

• The perfumes diffuses by evaporation during several weeks.

• If you need to boost diffusion, turn the sticks around (top to bottom). The top parts will absorb

perfume more quickly.

• Change rattan sticks when they are soaked and do not diffuse any longer.

• The product looks elegant, lasts a long time and is easy to use.



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