Dripless Dinner Candles


Our Spring Candle Collection has arrived and they are beautiful.

The finest dripless dinner candle

PorterSpa introduces the best in fine dining candles. These Tapers are of the highest quality and a great value! All of these tapers feature a rustic finish and are available in a variety of colors! They are crafted in Denmark using the traditional drawn process. This results in subtle variations of color and excellent burning qualities. Each taper burns about 1" an hour; they are smokeless and dripless when burned in a draft-free environment. Rustic Tapers are fragrance-free and fit all standard taper holders. Rustic Tapers are available in a wide range of colors to suit any occasion

 PorterSpa Danish Tapers come in an array of Colors:

White, Periwinkle, Turquoise, Orange, Hot Pink, Royal Blue, Sun Yellow, Ivory, Light Green, Light Pink, Light Lilac, Cherry Red, Brown, Dark Green

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