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Porters Boutique a PorterSpa Company , a Family owned and operated Candle Store / Website business, is very pleased to now offer Karen Klein candles. Another proud American run family business. Here is their story...


Inspired by Italy...

With the chance meeting of her future husband on a train from Venice to Florence, Karen Klein’s candles were inspired by her strong passion for Italy. Karen’s candles are decorated with authentic Italian paper known for its intricate details and subtle tones of gold. Each collection creates a warm and evocative glow that call to mind the fragrant aromas and sensual colors of the Italian countryside. After giving birth to her wonderful daughter, Jordan Jane Klein, Karen took some time off.  After 5 years, she is ready to re-launch her beautiful candles. Karen’s dream is for every candle to promote love and relaxation, allowing you to indulge in “La Dolce Vita” ~ the sweet life! * See link below






 Sparkling, crisp champagne sweetened with rich peach puree...this delightful cocktail first appeared in Harry's Bar, Venice, in 1948.





Fig ~ Black Currant ~ Fresh Cut Grass

Fresh cut grass, ripe red grapes, an enveloping blend of fig and black currant...peace and sweetness, essence of sensuality and the wine-growing region of Chianti.



Cedar ~ Calla Lily ~ Blood Orange

Light, delicate, feminine...pure harmony of spirit, the pungent allure of nature's forest and the lively zest of exotic Sicillian oranges.



Cucumber ~ Neroli- LindenC

Refreshing, crisp, sweet and pure, this candle embodies both the Italian love of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as the curative scent of the ancient Linden blossom. Neroli is the espure, this candle embodies both the Italian love of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as the curative scent of the ancient Linden blossom

True Lavender

Intoxicating and decadent, a sweet midsummer’s breeze from the Amalfi Coast…linger in the waves of its delicious bouquet.


Sicilian Lemongrass

Blooming high on the Sicilian hills, abundant in sweet citrus, redolent of a vibrant and happy life, this dynamic and stylish scent evokes the Italian Springtime.


Tuscan Rose

A rich wedding bouquet of floral geraniums and dense romantic roses, this candle evokes the sensual nature of Roman love. Portions of this candle benefit the Breast Cancer Resource Center of Santa Barbara.


Italian Jasmine ~ European Bamboo

The magical aromas of bamboo are mingled with the fragrance of the sensual Italian jasmine. Known as the ultimate aphrodisiac, this fragrant flower was first introduced in Italy by the Duke of Medici. Legend has it that Italian brides wore a spray of his special jasmine on their wedding day for good luck; an affirmation of love and desire.


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