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Mark and Son 

Porter's Boutique is a Family run business.

 As such we take great pride in our product and customer service. We would like to thank all of our loyal clients and those of you that take the time to rate our product.

I am very proud of my family's legacy; therefore, here at
Porter's Boutique we continue with the same Porter's mission, to earn the loyalty of our customers’ expectations. We will earn referrals and repeat business by providing outstanding service to our customers. Our success is dependent upon our customers' satisfaction. Here at Porter's We offer the finest in AMERICAN MADE PRODUCT for we believe in supporting our hard working American business. We also offer the finest European Made Products. A good portion of our European Products come from Italy, France, and Portugal.

                                                                                            Family's Legacy 

My Grandfather Frank Porter started back in 1914 Porter's Camera Store when he bought a portrait studio on College Hill in Cedar Falls, Iowa. He gradually converted the studio into a B&W photo finishing operation. After his death the bankers wanted My Grandmother Grace Levitte to sell the camera store. She argued that this little store was her husband’s dream and she refused to sell. Instead my Grandmother hired a gentleman who knew a lot about cameras to help her run her husbands camera store. My father Donald L. Porter  (1922-2012) took his turn running the store for a bit before taking a job with the Chase Manhattan Bank that would take him on a world tour. Running bank operations in Hong Kong, Panama, Trinidad & Tobago, Argentina as well as Venezuela, ending up in new York where he retired and moved to Old Lyme CT with his life long Partner/wife, Margaret Porter my mom. Back at the Porter's Camera Store... my Uncle Darrel took over the business and began selling cameras and other photo merchandise. In the 1960s David Montz joined the firm and later became a partner.

Porter's mail order business started in the late 1960s when customers would call and ask for merchandise to be shipped to them. The expanding business required more space, so a new Porter's Mail Order Division office and warehouse building was built at in a Cedar Falls industrial park. In 1984, the retail store moved from College Hill to a new building adjacent to the office and warehouse facility at 323 Viking Road. I worked at Porter's Camera Store in the mail order Division Putting Catalogs together as well as working and learning how the mail order business works.


Mark Edwards Porter


Hace veinte años que me decidí a probar mi mano en terapia de masaje. Poco sabía en aquel gran decisión que estaba haciendo. Me encanta que la gente sienta mejor y tomarlos de dolor. Con los años ha crecido mi práctica. Porter' Boutique ofrece ahora en Miami del grupo más experimentado de los terapeutas. Aquí en Porter's Boutique ahora estamos ampliando otra vez; entrando en el mundo de los negocios de correspondencia, algo que personalmente tengo un buen poco de experiencia en.  PorterSpa un negocio de ejecutar de familia me siento muy orgulloso de mi familia del legado; por lo tanto, aquí en PorterSpa continuamos con la misión de la misma central, para ganarse la lealtad de las expectativas de nuestros clientes. Vamos a ganar referidos y repetir negocio proporcionando un servicio excepcional a nuestros clientes. Nuestro éxito depende de la satisfacción de nuestros clientes. Aquí en Porter nos trate y ofrecer mejores en Estados Unidos hizo producto porque creemos en el apoyo a nuestro negocio estadounidense de trabajo duro. También ofrecemos los mejores productos de hecho Europeo. Por buena...




Mark Edwards Porter


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