blu+baker Purses

PorterSpa is proud to now carry these elegant all American made purses by blu+baker. be the first to carry a blu+baker be bold.

Handbags, amongst other accessories, have always been a passion of Cathy Bakers'. And since her family has been in the business for many years, it seemed like a natural transition to enter the exotic handbag design business. Traveling to Europe on several occasions and starting her first collection from Milan, Italy in 2012, Cathy has been completely obsessed with her python skins. "I really try to combine style with function and beauty when coming up with new designs.... and I refuse to be boring. Now proudly manufactured in the USA, Cathy pays very close attention to every single detail in each style and believes that the bags all speak for themselves when it comes to the uniqueness of the collection. We all tend to notice a beautiful handbag. That's just the way we women are wired.