The Art Of Shaving November 5, 2013 10:54

The Art of Shaving


The art of shaving lies in four things: 1. A good Redware bowl - so as to get a hot shave 2. A great Boar's hair shaving brush - so as to get a nice lather on your face and 3.  A good razor and 4. Quality Soap.

Also, talk about going GREEN. You will no longer be buying hundreds of shaving cans that pollute our landfills.


First, you need a good Shaving bowl: I would like to suggest that you consider a Redware shaving Bowl. Redware's unique ability to absorb heat allows a man to get a nice warm shave. It is very important not to buy a glazed Redware bowl as it will not absorb the hot water. PorterSpa offers the finest in Redware Shaving Mugs and bowls.


Second, may I suggest that you buy a good Boar's Hair Shaving brush, like an Omega or The Semogue 1305, for it will last you a life time. I personally have had my Omega since 1982. A good shaving brush, you will find, will make a world of difference as it will give you a nice foamy lather to your face.


Third, your razor. While many have gone to the new three track or four track and even five track razors ,none have been able to beat the old school razor for a close shave. So i suggest a good Merker or Astra razor, and blades.


Fourth, your soap . A good soap is important for a nice Foam I would like to suggest