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PorterSpa Soy Candle Collection


Whether it Soy Candles, Paraffin Candles, Paraffin Soy Mix Candles or Soy Paraffin candles PorterSpa has just the right candle for you. Candles set just the right mood bringing warmth and romance to any occasion. When it comes to Aroma candles PorterSpa soy candles are unbeatable. Our Candles will fill your house with their Exotic scents in less than five minutes. While Paraffin Candles are stronger in scent the carcinogens that they burn are not good for your health. Soy is a natural product unlike paraffin which is oil based, therefore soy Candles do not burn toxic carcinogens. Another benefit of burning soy candles is the knowledge that you are supporting the hard working American farmer. You have all heard of Trapp candles or the famous Yankee candles; both are great companies who have been very successful at marketing their candles and both of these candle companies use paraffin in their candles. PorterSpa candles are 100% pure American Soy, and our Colorado line is made of Organic Soy offering the cleanest Soy candle on the market. At PorterSpa we also offer the finest in dining candles that can be found. They are dripless and provide a beautiful romantic glow to every dining occasion. PorterSpa does offer for sale many other candles such as Trapp Candles, Karen Klein Candles, Lorenzo Villoresi Candles, and while they are all great candles in their own right, I know that you will be very please you decided to try a PorterSpa Soy candle.


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