Lavender and Rosemary Lotion and its Benefits July 16, 2013 15:49

Lavender and it’s Benefits


Lavender is a beautiful herb that is well known and used all over the world. It is known for its gentle fragrance but more importantly are its useful benefits. Lavender is known for its great stress relieving qualities too! Lavender is great for the skin.

The ability of rosemary to relieve pain has resulted in its extensive usage in headaches, muscle pains, sore muscles, rheumatism and even arthritis.

Massaging the part which is in pain with rosemary gives relief from the pain. PorterSpa offers a Body Lotion made up of Lavender and Rosemary. We find that it has been one of our best sellers. Our customers tell us that our lotion not only smells wonderful but that it has gotten rid of Skin Rashes as well as their fungus problems.