Karen Klein Candles May 2, 2013 13:03

PorterSpa is proud to announce that it will soon be caring the famous Karen Klein candles. After an absence of 5 years Karen is back at work creating her delicious scents that so captivated the Hollywood and American audience offering such exotic scents as Bellini to Tuscan Rose, and Cedar ~ Calla Lily ~ Blood Orange and many more. Karen Klein Candles are a soy blend very smooth and offer a burn time of 70 hours.


Inspired by Italy...

With the chance meeting of her future husband on a train from Venice to Florence, Karen Klein’s candles were inspired by her strong passion for Italy. Karen’s candles are decorated with authentic Italian paper known for its intricate details and subtle tones of gold. Each collection creates a warm and evocative glow that call to mind the fragrant aromas and sensual colors of the Italian countryside. After giving birth to her wonderful daughter, Jordan Jane Klein, Karen took some time off.  After 5 years, she is ready to re-launch her beautiful candles. Karen’s dream is for every candle to promote love and relaxation, allowing you to indulge in “La Dolce Vita” ~ the sweet life!