Porterspa Candles, oohh! So Good! April 2, 2013 23:11

PorterSpa now offers two all soy Candle lines. Both are equally as good.  In fact, we go so far as the say "They're the BOMB!" We strongly believe that our all soy candle lines are far better than those of Trapp or Yankee Candle Co. Our Colorado Line comes in four styles lantern, Metro, and Stylish Squares as well as Votive, and comes in Exotic scents that will please your nose such as Agave Cactus Blossom, Wildflowers, Coconut Lime Verbena, Colorado Wilderness, and many more.


PorterSpa's second line comes in Two Sizes our 12oz Metro and our Medium size. These are to die for they are so good. We offer these in Tuberose, Clary Sage, South Pacific, Orange/Vanilla, Gardenia, Frasier Fir and many more. We love Soy wax candles for their clean burn and not toxic emissions such as those found in paraffin candles. Trapp as well as Yankee Candles both use paraffin in there candles and while they do smell good we feel that ours are cleaner and safer. We also like the fact that unlike paraffin which comes from oil based, soy wax is an all American Candle supporting the hard working American farmer.

So come give our candles a try you will be pleased you did.

Our clients tell us that our candles are by far the best candles that they have ever tried. Better than Trapp I ask? Far better is there reply. We love how great they smell and how long they last!

PorterSpa is quickly becoming known as the leader in great Soy Candles the Green alternative without giving up on scent or style. PorterSpa Candles  can now be found in many of Miami’s finest retail stores.