Durance of France April 1, 2013 07:54

 PorterSpa is Proud to Carry many fine Durance Products. Below is a bit about this fine Company and their Products.

About us


Durance, a story with fragrant roots.


Durance was created in 1986 from a small farm in the heart of Drome Provençale. In the beginning, a couple of farmers that loved the land and its rich produce were inspired by the region to become producers of essential lavandin oils. Durance absorbed this authenticity to develop a brand that is close to nature. A company with family values, to developed cosmetics, fragrances, homecare and fabric products that highlight the precious active ingredients grown naturally in Provence.



Grignan, a symbolic location.



Durance has drawn its values from th eheart of Provence, in a village with a remarkable historical heritage. In Grignan, surrounded by olive trees and lavender, next to the chateau of Marquise de Sevigne’s daughter, Durance takes inspiration from Provence’s precious culture and oil rich in fragrance and colour to create its products. The organic plants and materials are selected to convey the beauty of Provence in all its glory.


Durance and the “most beautiful girl of France”.


In her writings to her daughter Françoise, the Marquise de Sevigne recommends numerous remedies and natural treatments. Durance drew from her rich writings to copy the secrets of Beauty, these made Francoise de Sevigne, Contesse de Grignan, the so-called “most beautiful girl of France”.


By founding Aromas of France, Stephan Depaux wishes to share with you the recipes and natural remedies inspired from the beauty secrets of Contesse de Sevigne.



The Following article can be found on Durances own Site.