THE PERFECT HOLIDAY CANDLE October 6, 2012 15:47 1 Comment


Twas the night before Christmas and all through your house a PorterSpa Candle was burning, bring love to the house. Merry Christmas to All and to all a good night.


Frasier Fir   Here is your perfect Christmas Candle!! Frazier Fir will give you the sensation that you are walking through a pine forest covered with pine needles and pine cones. Frasier Fir is by far the best Pine smelling Candle in the World.

Christmas: This Candle rings in the Holiday season. With Scents of Nutmeg Ginger and Clove. You can almost see the house full of joy as gingerbread men dance in your head.


Fireplace: This Romantic candle has alluring Sexy scents and a smoky undertone reminding you of a warm fireplace that is cozy on a cold winter night. This Candle has a perfect evening fragrance for you and your special someone.


Orange Vanilla Clove:  Sweet orange and creamy vanilla bean mix and Clove to become a delicious treat ringing in the Holiday's with cheer.


Now for You Men out there here are some Reasons to buy your Special someone a Porterspa Signature Candle for the Holiday's


 Why it is great to order Porterspa Candles? Women love our candles and love to get candles as gifts. Women never forget a man who gives them a Porterspa Signature Candle! Take them to lunch, invite them to your house, make salads for lunch, lobster for dinner, is all ho-hum to a woman. Knowing that the devious man has alternative motives. But giving a woman a Porterspa Signature Candle is not only kind, generous and loving, but every time the woman lights her PorterSpa Signature Candle she thinks of the man who gave it to her putting fond warmth in her heart, and thinking of him with a kind innocence.


PorterSpa Soy Candles are exceptionally strong and of the Highest Quality, All Natural soy candles, they are all American Made, supporting the American Farmer and the US Economy. We offer only the Best Candles Miami and the world our candles are Maximum Scented. Porter's Signature Candles come in two sizes Medium and Metro Jar Large with Burn Times from 60Hr for the Medium to 90HR for the large.  These would be great as great candles for the holidays or any time of year!!