Mango Festival at Fairchild July 9, 2012 13:58

 Mangos, mangos, mangos!!!  I love this time of year in Miami. Driving down the road, seeing the make-shift tables and mango stands set up in private family driveways. Each selling mangoes from their own or their neighbors trees. Oh! to be the mango handpicked, lovingly cared for by the proud tree owner!  Meeting these neighbors is a rare treat;  Engaging them in conversation about their mangoes, picking method, specific tree and the fruit's pulp. It's something that shouldn't be missed.

Remember that this comming weekend is Fairchild's Mango festival!!! A celebration of the mango beneath the shade of the very mango trees collected a century earlier by Dr. David Fairchild. Twenty fruiting seasons have passed, and Fairchild continue to celebrate, collect and curate, teach and learn about the mangos.

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