The Art of Shaving January 5, 2014 23:04


Shaving is an art, so having the correct shaving brush, bowl/mug and razor are very important. Here at PorterSpa we offer an array of fine shaving products.

First, let’s discuss the best way to shave. For years many have made shaving a McDonald’s drive through, fast and furious with no thought of the shave. Grabbing a can of foam or gel slapping it on the face and either using a disposable Bic or Gillett razor to quickly shave. No wonder we have problems everywhere, lets slow things down a notch… Consider that can of shaving foam and that disposable razor. How many do you use in a year? How many garbage mountains are filled with them!!


The True Art of Shaving


The True art of shaving is using a Redware Shaving mug/bowl which absorbs heat from the hot water giving you a great warm shave. Second, you need a good Badger or boars hair brush, a good soap and a great razor. We here at PorterSpa prefer the traditional two sided razor, however we do sell the Gillett Fusion for those who prefer it to the double edge blade. PorterSpa is a man’s one stop shaving site. We are the sole supplier of Redware shaving Mugs/Bowls in America and proud of it.