Romance and the Mood Setter January 5, 2014 17:25

Romance and the Mood Setter

Yes, the power of mood setting, we need to take time in our hectic life style to slow things down every now and then. Bring a little romance back into our lives and remember why we fell in love.

I arrived home the other night only to find that my children were in bed and that candles lit up every corner of the house. I asked my wife what was the occasion, she smiled and replied, “You are the occasion.” She handed me a lovely glass of my favorite wine; a Malbec/Cabernet by Rutini from Argentina. My wife had me sit back on the sofa with my glass of wine. I enjoyed the warm glow in the room made by the beautiful candles she had bought from PorterSpa. Their rich exotic scents filled the room letting my mind and body unwind from what was a grueling day. A Lovely compilation of music was gently playing as if to waft through your soul and fill one from within. There was Mana the Gypsy Kings, Elvis and much more. Ah yes now when I think of that evening I remember my wife and the effort she made and those lovely PorterSpa candles and their great scent.