Why PorterSpa Soy Candles Are The Best November 13, 2013 07:40

PorterSpa Soy Candles are The Best!


Our Soy Candles and why they are the best. PorterSpa Soy Candles are made of only the finest American soy. Our Colorado lantern Style Line is made up of all organic Soy. We put only natural essence into every candle and lots of it. Our candles will fill your house in less than five minutes with their Exotic scents. So this holiday season when you light your Fraser fir Candle from PorterSpa, or her sister company www.candleshopp.com ,  you will feel like you are in the middle of a beautiful Pine Forest. Many Famous Candle makers use fake essence oils in their candles and many others mix their soy with paraffin, an oil based product (yuck) to make it cheaper to produce. Who needs an oil well burning in their house?   PorterSpa all Soy Candles can now be found in some of Florida’s finest boutique Stores in south Florida. Please Check our Website for new listings of Boutique Stores. The First to carry our Candles were VIGI boutique in south Miami, and Key To Health in Key Biscayne. PorterSpa also offers the finest in American and European products, as well as other fabulous Soy Candles, like our Colorado Lantern Line, or our Metro Signature line.

PorterSpa only offers the Finest! Why not come give us a try?



Mark Porter